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Treatments Provided By Devon Dentists

No one ever wants to be told by their Devon dentists that treatment is needed, but occasionally it may well be essential. Remember that your Devon dentists will normally only ever advise a course of treatment when it’s needed to fix a painful or unsightly tooth, or to help stop future problems or complications.

This kind of dental treatment is called restorative dentistry, and it is mainly concerned with fixing dental problems to help prolong the life of your teeth.

To help you understand a little more about the various treatments offered by your local dentists, here’s a brief guide to the most common kinds of treatment Devon dentists usually offer.

Devon Dentists Can Fit Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is basically a fixed replacement for one of more missing teeth. A bridge is made by first taking an impression of the surrounding teeth (as these teeth will eventually form the support for the bridge) Dental bridges are usually made from precious metals and porcelain, and will be permanently fixed in your mouth (in contrast to dentures, which can be easily removed).

Your Local Devon Dentists Can Also Fit Dental Crowns

Think of a dental crown as a ‘cap’ which completely covers one of your own real teeth. Crowns can be made from various different materials – the most common kinds being either metal, or a combination of metal and porcelain. Dental crowns are permanently ‘glued’ into your mouth, and are used when an individual tooth has been damaged or broken in some way. In addition to helping you eat things more easily, crowns will often help to give you a better smile.

The process for fitting a crown is quite involved. First, your Devon dentists will re-shape the damaged tooth so it can serve as a post to fit the new crown on to. Then the crown will be made by a specialist dental laboratory, and then fitted to the post by your dentist. As crowns are individually made, it will typically take a week or two to have your crown fitted.

Types Of Fillings Devon Dentists Can Provide

Sometimes, a part of a tooth can be destroyed – often due to tooth decay. To help preserve the tooth, your Devon dentists will drill out the damaged area and then repair the hole by ‘filling’ it in with a special material. There are generally two types of filling materials commonly used.

Amalgam (or metal) fillings are made from a combination of metals and look shiny when new, but go dull grey over time. White (or composite) fillings are made from a different kind of material, and designed to blend in with your natural teeth by being a similar colour.

Do Devon Dentists Carry Out Root Canal Therapy (Or Treatment)?

devon dentistsYes they do, and here’s a quick overview of what is involved. Sometimes, the nerve or blood supply to a tooth can become infected. Left untreated, this can lead to widespread infection which may result in one or more teeth needing to be removed. Root Canal Treatment is designed to stop this from happening.

Basically, the dentist will drill through the infected tooth and removes all the infection from inside. Next, your Devon dentists will seal the root canal to prevent the tooth from becoming reinfected. Finally, the hole will be filled by the dentist using either a filling or a dental crown. Root canal therapy is quite an involved process, and usually requires at least three visits to a dentist to complete the course of treatment.

Why Your Devon Dentists Will Recommend A Scale And Polish

Over time, deposits (also known as tartar) can build up on the surface of your teeth which cannot be removed by normal brushing alone. Your Devon dentists (or dental hygienist) can remove these deposits by carrying out a ‘deep clean’ of your teeth, which is called a ‘Scale and Polish’.

Are Most Devon Dentists Able To Fit Braces?

Yes they are. Sometimes, teeth don’t always grow in perfect alignment which can lead to difficulties biting or eating. Braces are used to straighten or move teeth back into an ideal shape (this process is called orthodontics)

Your Devon dentists can provide dental braces which are either removable (which means they can be taken out) or fixed (so they are actually stuck to your teeth) depending on your needs.

Are Dental Veneers Available From Devon Dentists?

Yes. Dental veneers are essentially new front facings for teeth which are designed to disguise a discoloured tooth – think of them as being like false fingernails, but for teeth. Virtually all Devon dentists are able to fit veneers.

Do Devon Dentists Supply Dentures Or False Teeth?

Yes. Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth. There are two kinds of dentures – full dentures (which are designed to replace all your teeth) and partial dentures (which can be used to replace on or more teeth that are missing)

To make dentures, your Devon dentists will first take an impression of the mouth and then send it to a dental laboratory who will actually make the dentures. Dentures are removable, and need regular cleaning using special soaking solutions.

Can Devon Dentists Provide Dental Implants?

Dental implants are actually quite specialised, so the chances are that your Devon dentists will refer you to a specialist. Dental implants are a modern fixed alternative to dentures. They are generally used if a patient has lost a lot of teeth and has difficulties using dentures.

Implants are relatively complex to fit. First, a titanium screw is drilled into the jaw. Then, a crown, denture or bridge is fixed to this titanium screw. Normally, dental implants are only fitted by specialist dental consultants (rather than general Devon dentists) as it is quite an advanced surgical procedure.

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