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How To Find A Dentist In Devon

Choosing the most suitable local dentist in Devon for your particular dental care needs calls for a little background knowledge about the various different fields of dentistry. The more you know about the differences between these dental fields, the easier your search will be to find the right dentist in Devon.

Normally, the best place to start off your search is with a general or family dentist. A general dentist will be able to diagnose common dental problems and oral conditions, create a treatment plan for you and provide a range of treatments to fix any problems you might have.

If it’s necessary, your local general or family dentist may also refer you to a consultant or more specialised dentist in Devon if they need a second opinion about something.

Does Your Dentist In Devon Hold The Right Qualifications?

In the UK, all dentists are required to hold a recognised qualification – so check that any dentist in Devon has them. The most common designations are BDS or LDS (and you should see these letters after the dentist’s name on their stationery, advertising or on signs at their surgery)
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Dentists provide a wide range of dental treatment with support from Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants. Dental Hygienists will show you how to keep your mouth in tip top condition, and also carry out regular professional cleaning.

In order to practice in the UK, Dental Hygienists must hold a Diploma in Dental Hygiene or alternately have a combined Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy.

A Dental Assistant can help a dentist during procedures, set up anaesthesia, develop radiographs or carry out other general tasks. Under UK law, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants must work under the guidance and supervision of a qualified dentist.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Dentist In Devon?

If you are choosing a local dentist in Devon for either cosmetic dentistry procedures (which includes tooth whitening and porcelain veneers) or restorative procedures (which includes dental fillings, bridges and dental crowns) it is important to ask these questions:

How long has the practice has been open for?

How experienced is your dentist in Devon? Ask about the dentist’s training and clinical experience in carrying out the specific procedure you need.

For example, not every dentist in Devon is experienced in carrying out specific cosmetic dentistry procedures. As an example, some treatments may have both a cosmetic (i.e. they make you look good) and a functional (i.e. they help you to eat better) need.

A treatment that satisfies both needs can sometimes be the better option when compared with a basic treatment which offers no cosmetic benefit. So it’s important to look out for a good dentist in Devon who has the experience and training to carry out the procedure that suits your needs best.

Find out if the dentist doesn’t perform certain treatments, and ask about their referral system.

Before actually committing yourself to a dentist in Devon, think about any treatments you feel may be necessary. Ask the dentist about the treatment options available to you, together with the pros, cons and rough prices of each option.

Ask about the dentist’s “out of hours” emergency care service. For example, is the surgery open outside normal hours and on weekends? Does your dentist in Devon use a locum service, or handle emergency treatments themselves?

Does the dentist in Devon offer additional services, such as sedation? (treatment under a mild form of anaesthetic)

Are any ‘patient comfort’ amenities available? (such as music or video goggles you can wear whilst treatments are carried out)

Ask if the dentist uses any specialised equipment (for example, like dental lasers which offer a modern alternative to traditional dental equipment)

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry treatment, always ask to take a look at before-and-after photographs of the dentist’s previous patients. Sometimes, it can be a good idea to take along a example photo of the results you’d like to see, or a photo of yourself before the need for cosmetic dentistry (as this will help to set a realistic expectation for the outcome of your treatment)

Always ask about the dental costs prior to treatment. Make sure that your dentist in Devon gives you an approximate estimate and treatment plan which includes the procedure fees, any anaesthesia fees, and laboratory costs.

If you already have dental insurance, the chances are that most of your treatment costs may already be covered. But check with your dentist just to be on the safe side, as some types of treatments may not be included (for example, the laboratory costs for bridges and crowns)

Can you find a good dentist in Devon that is in your locality? Sometimes, treatments can involve frequent dental visits – so it’s worthwhile trying to find a dentist that is convenient located in your area (and ideally one that has suitable parking)

Does the dentist explain everything in simple, easy to understand terms? After all, there is nothing worse than not being able to understand what the problem actually is!

And Make Sure Your Dentist In Devon Is Friendly!

Finally, is everyone at the dental practice friendly and courteous? Remember that you ideally want to keep the same dentist for many years, so it’s important that feel totally comfortable and at ease with the dentist’s entire team.

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Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. It’s important that you make the right choice, and by doing a little research you’ll find the right dentist in Devon first time!